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Educational Facilities

Protect them while they learn

Education has been always a key factor, driving development through knowledge, abilities, human values, beliefs and habits. And all we know that children love to learn while enjoy outdoors, practicing sports in fields, swimming or playing in backyards, that is why we work with the schools to design safe spaces for protect kids from the sun. At All Shade there are no rules when we talk about an outdoor space, no matter the size of the area ,we create the solutions for Playgrounds, bleachers, pools, daycares, campuses, schools, universities and more; we create the best customized shade structures.

Looking for the right school

When is time to choose a school, the first impression is the most important, fortunately our engineers are ready to make your school look great, transforming empty and hot spaces to fresh and modern ones with high quality shade structures that provide the sun protection that students need.

All Shade Benefits

  • High quality, high-density polyethylene knitted shade fabric specifically made for tension structures.
  • Maintenance free, (mildew free, and rust free. Our shade fabric will not rot or absorb moisture unlike regular canvas type covers.)
  • 95% UV ray protection.
  • Protect against rain and hail with dramatically enhanced looks and curb appeal.
  • Providing up to 15° cooler space underneath the shade fabric.
  • Engineered and powder coated structural steel construction.
  • Competitively priced.
  • Standard and Custom Sizes.
  • 10 Year Warranty.
  • Environment Friendly.

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