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The Houston Holocaust Museum – Working with the holocaust museum, our team created an amazing shade structure to protect a boat that was part of the rescue of just about all of the Jewish people living in Denmark at the time. The shade structure was custom designed and allows the boat to be protected against the sun and moisture while being renovated and displayed to the public.

One such success story concerns the rescue of just about all of the Jews living in Denmark at the time. A plaque outside the museum and near the boat and rail car on display reads as follows:

“Danish fishing boat donated by N.B. Ferdinandsen & Sons A/S, Gilleleje, Denmark in honor of rescuers Niels Borge Ferdinandsen & Johan Jorgensen.
In October 1943, upon learning of the Nazi plan to deport the Jewish population, the people of Denmark secretly ferried more than 7,200 Danish Jews to Sweden on boats of this type.  Each boat could hold 6 – 8 people hidden in cargo areas below deck.  This swift action saved the vast majority of Denmark’s Jewish population.
‘Whoever saves a single life it is as if he saved an entire world.’

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